New Pricing Structure

I want to spend a few minutes speaking to a new pricing structure that I am moving forward with and my reasoning for the restructuring.

For the last 3.5 years, my hourly rate has remained the same even though the quality of treatment and training of the Therapist has increased significantly.

In 2016 I became the first North American Reflexology Therapist to become Certified in the highly effective ReproFlexology – Reflexology for Fertility course, out of South Wales.

This training gives my clients access to superior hormone balancing protocols for both men and women that has changed the landscape of Fertility Medicine and hormone balancing throughout the age groups. Specific protocols for dealing with PCOS, Endometriosis, Progesterone Deficiency, Cystic Ovaries (etc), Sperm Morphology or Motility, Testicular Cancer, Hydrocele or Varicocele, (etc) each one a separate protocol, so completely different than the routine reflexology taught in many of the North American Reflexology schools.

In 2017 I completed the Maternity Reflexology Course which provided superior skills and knowledge in Fertility, Maternity, Labour Priming, Birth Support, Postpartum and Baby Care by the Maternity Reflexology Consortium out of the UK.

These new courses and new focus on Women’s Health, Fertility, Maternity and Birthing Support bring along with them more prep time before each client, more research for each new diagnosis, more time reading hormone panels and semen analysis reports and staying up to date on newest tests and supplements, as well as regular monitoring of Fertility App Charts and unlimited text and email support for my clients, as many of you already benefit from.

And as much as I cannot separate myself from this new training and superior protocols, I know how much my clientele appreciates the effectiveness of these new protocols as I implement them in my regular sessions as required.

The new pricing structure will begin October 1 2017. Please see chart below for comparison. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns about the new pricing structure. I would be happy to discuss any concerns with you.

Please head to to book your September appointments to take advantage of current pricing.

Traditional Reflexology 60 min $63.00 $75.00
Traditional Reflexology 90 mins $94.50 $112.50
Fertility Initial Consultation 90 mins $94.50 $112.50
Fertility Follow Up 60 mins $63.00 $75.00
Maternity Reflexology 60 mins $63.00 $75.00
Maternity Reflexology 90 mins $94.50 $112.50
Maternity Priming Reflexology 90 mins $94.50 $112.50