getting proper and enough sleep is vital in overall good health and function for our brain, body and systems
so what are some things you can do to get the right amount of good quality sleep?
1. regular Reflexology treatments to help relieve body tension, put your brain in neutral and get your seratonin flowing

2. set a regular bedtime and wake time. yes, this routine you hated as a child can become your best friend now that you’re all grown up and can make your own decisions 😉

3. never take your phone, tablet, PC or TV to bed with you. using these devices before trying to sleep actually stimulates the brain and the wake cycle in your body causing you to have less time in deep sleep

4. read a book or magazine in bed to unwind. this also helps calm the mind, relax the body and prepare the system for sleep

5. spend 5-15 mins in Child’s Pose or Legs Up On The Wall yoga poses. both of these poses are proven to relax and sedate

6. weighted or heavier blankets have shown to translate into deeper more restorative sleeps. the weight of the blanket reduces anxiety and calms the nervous system

7. stay within 2 hours of your regular sleep wake times on the weekends. Circadian Rhythms can shift by 2 hours in each direction on occassion without too much negative impact on your rest.
making positive changes to your sleep patterns will show huge dividends in your overall health – and very quickly at that!
until your next Reflexology treatment, sweet dreams 💕
x Gloria
Photo by Annie Sprat on @unsplash