This weekend I attended a 1 day workshop by Carol Faguy on Craniosacral Reflexology.

Craniosacral Reflexology works just like traditional Craniosacral Therapy, however the treatment is provided to the foot or the hand. It was created by the late Dr Martine Faure Anderson and is described by Carol Faguy of Quebec Reflex as follows: “Unlike traditional foot reflexology, which focuses on the general systems of the body and its parts, the focus and intent of CSR is to enhance the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the body, by working on the reflex areas related to the craniosacral system, consisting of the CSF and the membranes (meninges) which surround and protect the brain and spinal cord, the bones and sutures of the skull and the spinal vertebrae and the twelve pairs of cranial nerves.”

While the 1 day workshop created by Carol Faguy does not qualify me to call myself a Craniosacral Reflexology Therapist (indeed the full training is 20 days long and highly intensive), I do have a mini CSR Protocol that I can incorporate into my treatments to bring my treatments to a new and higher level.

Thank you @reflexquebec and thank you Dr Faure Alderson, for your hard work 💕