“my teen has super painful and heavy bleeds, and really doesn’t want to take the Oral Contraceptive Pill to manage it. can ReproFlexology help?”

absolutely! in fact, OCP should never be used to regulate or manage menstrual cycle problems because that’s not what it does, that’s not what it’s designed to do. OCP was designed to shut down your reproductive system (google menopause consequences because this is what OCP is) so that pregnancy cannot occur. it does absolutely nothing to balance hormones and reduce the period symptoms tour teen is facing, so once they decide to come off the OCP their symptoms are the same or worse as when they started.

with ReproFlexology protocols we are able to address the hormonal imbalance that is causing the period problem and help your teen come to experience a trouble free period – as is normal. in fact, the younger the period problems are addressed, the quicker the response time to ReproFlexology techniques because the body hasn’t been out of balance for years or decades.

ReproFlexology is not just for Fertility.. it’s for anyone experiencing any kind of cycle disruption or any disorder of reproductive organs.tag