ReproFlexology is highly advanced Reproductive Reflexology Protocols that allow me to expediate the balancing of your Reproductive Hormones and systems that affect Reproduction in order for you to prepare for Natural Conception and your best pregnancy outcomes.

ReproFlexology sessions would start as soon as you make the decision to start trying to conceive (ttc) and for 3 months prior to the desired conception cycle.

3 MONTHS PRIOR TO TTC:⁠ Weekly sessions work to balance the hormones and systems responsible or directly related to Fertility. During this time lifestyle changes are also highly recommended and in some cases high grade supplements are also recommended.

WHILE TTC:⁠ Once you are actively trying to conceive it is recommended to have ReproFlexology the week leading up to ovulation and the week after ovulation. This allows us to help your body have its’ best ovulation possible for that cycle and then to support the implantation of the hoped for embryo.⁠ ⁠ This continues for each cycle you are actively TTC

AFTER THE BFP: ⁠ Once you receive your Big Fat Positive pregnancy test result, weekly ReproFlexology protocols would again be recommended for the first trimester to help support a viable pregnancy until Advanced Maternity Protocols would kick in at the second trimester and beyond.

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