ReproFlexology is highly advanced Reproductive Reflexology Protocols that allow me to expediate the balancing of your Reproductive Hormones and systems that affect Reproduction in order for you to prepare for Natural Conception and your best pregnancy outcomes.

Male Factor Infertility is becoming wider and wider acknowledged, treated and improved upon, removing (although not always) a lot of undue stress and medical interventions from the female partner.

Male Factor Infertility comes in a variety of causations. Listed in these causations (but not limited to) are Mumps, Low Testosterone, Varicocele, Vasectomy Reversal, Hydrocele, Prostatitis, Testicular Cancer, Low Sperm Count/Motility, Fragmented Sperm DNA, and Erectile Dysfunction.

WEEKLY: Weekly ReproFlexology sessions for Male Factor Infertility for 12 weeks or until resolution of the condition is acknowledged. During this time lifestyle changes are also highly recommended and in some cases high grade supplements are also recommended.

While it is not always possible for Male Factor Infertility conditions to be resolved completely, these ReproFlexology protocols can certainly help increase the odds of a successful IVF/ICSI protocol by improving the quality of the sperm that would be extracted in this case.

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