yesterday we talked about what oxytocin does in our body – beyond child birth and lactation. (if you haven’t had a chance to read it, pop back to my bio and pick it up from there @studio.on.27)

but what organ is responsible for oxytocin production?

until recently, science thought that the hypothalamus was responsible for oxytocin production and that it was secreted into the blood stream by the posterior pituitary gland. and while that may be a major contributor to oxytocin in the system, we now also know that “oxytocin can be found in controls and processes in many other parts of the body. it is even manufactured in tissues outside of the brain, the heart and probably functions as a neurotransmitter” (Touchpoint Denmark)

so knowing what oxytocin can all do for us and knowing it is produced in many organs/cells in the body – we can also extrapolate that there would be a multitude of ways to naturally increase the levels of oxytocin in our body for longer periods of time to help with overall health and well being – but more importantly ; with regards to the focus of this series, for STRESS REDUCTION.

join us tomorrow to see how to get more of this magic hormone.