in the previous 2 days we have looked at what Oxytocin is, what it does for your body, and where it comes from. if you didn’t catch those posts, head over to my blog roll to catch up, then come back! today we are looking at how to get you sooooooome!

oxytocin, known to be released in our body in large amounts when we are touched or receive manual therapies such as massage or Reflexology, is also released when we share a meal with someone (yes, even a business lunch is never free), or even when we are exposed to romantic engagements such as a wedding or dancing.

they did a study once on oxytocin levels at a wedding. bloods were drawn on all of the attendees throughout the event. the bride’s levels were highest, and then levels of those within a few feet of her were next and then as they went farther and farther away from the bride the levels dropped, yet everyone in that event had elevated levels of oxytocin … a phenomenon known as hearth math.

but did you know that intakes of fatty foods or stimulants like alcohol and tobacco also raise oxytocin? This is one of the reasons they are so addictive. (hopefully this makes it easier for you to understand and be compassionate towards addictive behaviours.)

it’s also been shown that estrogen increases the effects of oxytocin. and while both sexes have estrogen present in their systems, xx chromosomal people (women) tend to have much higher quantities which would then translate into a heightened oxytocin experience in almost every situation. or put differently, oxytocin stimulates the female aspects of the human being; what we have come to equate as more “female” behaviours.

a large amount of things can be done to stimulate the release of oxytocin into the blood and thereby reduce the stress response, but some of the most important are: Human Touch, REFLEXOLOGY, Exercise, Massage, Acupuncture, Meditation,
Positive Thinking, Sex, Bliss (Touchpoint Denmark)

Join us tomorrow as we wrap it all up with a big shiny bow.