welcome to part 4 of my oxytocin series. if you missed parts 1-3 you can scroll up in my profile ( @studio.on.27 ) to catch up

previously we discussed what oxytocin does for the body, how it can reduce stress signals in the body, which parts of the body are responsible for oxytocin production, and some ways you can increase your oxytocin levels to help yourself reduce stress.

Reflexology helps in oxytocin production, and by proxy stress reduction, in so many different ways.

Reflexology is a hands on touch therapy. Prolonged periods of touch between client and practitioner naturally stimulates the flow of oxytocin, the “touch hormone”. And in that prolonged period of therapeutic touch, the endocrine system is balanced, the autonomic nervous system is addressed, the cardio-pulmonar plexus is relaxed, the digestive system is worked deeply and thoroughly. Chakras are balanced, the vagus nerve and phrenic plexus … every part of the person where oxytocin could be produced is addressed, stimulated or sedated as needed, creating the best possible environment for oxytocin to thrive.

Deep and prolonged experienced of reduced stress and calm are actualized by clients who have sought Reflexology for stress reduction. And in a world where we cannot always change our stressful situation (work, relationships, health, finances etc..) the next best thing is to help our bodies manage the stress in the most effective manner. Reflexology is that most effective manner.