in parts 1-3 of this series we discussed the effects and affects of rapid or shallow breathing on the stress response in your body. we also discussed the benefits of deep breathing for the above and on day 3 we led you through a deep breathing exercise you can take with you anywhere.

today we are going to discuss how Reflexology can help your body more quickly recover from shallow breathing and move forward with deeper more healing breath.

as previously discussed (see @studio.on.27 to catch up on posts 1-3), respiration is the only autonomic function which can be controlled by the conscious and the unconscious. so while you are busy working on conscious thought of deep breathing, Reflexology helps with the unconscious part.

using advanced Reflexology protocols we are able to reconnect the brain stem, the autonomic nervous system, the vagus nerve, the phrenic nerve & plexus and the diaphragm so that all things work together in perfect (or better at least) harmony.

did you know, for example, that 90% of the vagus nerve function is to relay information from your body back up to the brain and only 10% of that function is relaying information from the brain to the body? Reflexology links the vagus nerve & diaphragm back together so those information highways flow clear and uncongested.

and there is also new evidence showing the phrenic nerve connects to our adrenal glands via the phrenic ganglions which travel directly through our diaphragm muscle!

and what other muscle is attached to the diaphragm and spinal cord but our psoas muscles! the very core of our being and emotions.

Using advanced Reflexology protocols we ensure all of these organs and systems in the body are communicating with each other to improve respiration and reduce the overall stress response in your body over an extended period of time.

Isnt teamwork AMAZING? Tomorrow you can follow me off the cliff as I discuss how a barefoot lifestyle can help rehabilitate your breath.

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