it’s your very first Reflexology treatment and you’re not sure what to expect. let me walk you through it

once you arrive at my studio, you will be asked to wash your hands in the available bathroom before making your way to the treatment room.

once you’re seated in a comfortable chair you are treated to a wonderful foot soak which helps to cleanse the feet, relax your body and mind, and begins the body’s detox process. while you are soaking we will review your intake form that you have completed electronically before attending my clinic.

once we’re all caught up and have together set our treatment priorities for this session, you make yourself comfortable on my zero gravity hydraulic massage table while i go down to wash my hands before the treatment begins. no need to disrobe for a Reflexology treatment.

you can expect 45-50 minutes of hands on treatment in a normal session. this time varies based on how long the discussion time is before you get on the table or your arrival time. this is why my initial consultations are 15 minutes longer, i want you to experience a full treatment each time so we allow for more time to talk in these first appointments.

the session will largely be focused on your feet, but i may move to different parts of your body (with permission ) to help release different parts of your system with acupressure.

after the session you will have a few minutes to yourself to “come back” as i once again leave the room to wash my hands and then we will discuss any questions you might have had, discuss any recommendations i might have for you and set your next appointment time, if you haven’t already done so online.

please be sure to wear loose pants that can be easily pulled up to the knees without restricting blood flow. other than that, come however you feel most comfortable. pajamas is fine too 😉

i look forward to seeing you.