Men’s Health

What do we know about current Men’s Health Trends?

We know that Stress levels are on the rise in recent years, definitely we are more stressed that our Fathers were when they were our age.

We know that Stress very negatively affects all aspects of our health and is reportedly responsible for 80%+ of all health issues. The following is an excerpt from Mayo Clinic’s website 

ON YOUR BODY                    ON YOUR MOOD                  ON YOUR BEHAVIOUR
Headache                                  Anxiety                                      Overeating or undereating
Muscle tension or pain       Restlessness                          Angry outbursts
Chest pain                                 Feeling overwhelmed        Drug or alcohol abuse
Fatigue                                        Irritability or anger              Tobacco use
Change in sex drive              Sadness or depression      Social withdrawal
Stomach upset                        Lack of motivation/focus  Exercising less often
Sleep problems

We also know that in Fertility issues, men are at least 50% of the problem, and Western Medicine doesn’t really appear to know how to address it.

In fact, we know that the World Health Organization semen analysis reference ranges have dropped dramatically in the last 50 years, along with men’s fertility.

Parameter                                   “1980 Normal”    1987      1992       1999         2010
Semen Volume (ml)                 >= 2ml (2-5)           same     same      same         >=1.5
PH                                                        7.2 – 7.8             7.2-8.0   7.2-8.0   7.2-8.0     7.2 -8.0
Total Sperm (x million)               >= 20                     same     same      same              15
Total Motility (Progressive)         50%                   same    same      same            40%
Morphology (Normal Forms)    80.5%                50%       30%        15%             4%

Vitality (Alive)                                  >=50%                 same     same       same        >=58%

We also know that the above WHO Semen Analysis Parameters do not begin to address DNA Fragmentation of the sperm, which is one of the major causes of failure to implant and early miscarriage.

However, there is hope and help in Natural Medicine. We know that with lifestyle changes, addressing our micro-nutrient deficiencies and specific Fertility targeted natural therapies we can make significant improvements to these numbers in the 100 day life cycle of sperm.