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Studio On 27 Naturals

Wellness Foot Soak

Wellness Foot Soak

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Therapeutic Foot Soaks are a great way to reduce tension, release toxins, and prepare your body for a good night's sleep.

Studio On 27 Wellness Foot Soak is a proprietary blend of natural products and essential oils which helps you do just that. A foot soak half an hour before bed can bring you that good night's sleep you've been missing and help bring you back into balance and wellness.




Instructions: add 1/4 cup to basin of warm water and soak feet for 15-30 mins

Instructions : ajouter 1/4 tasse dans un bassin d'eau tiède et tremper les pieds pendant 15 à 30 minutes




magnesium sulphate, sodium bicarbonate, Lavandula angustifolia (ecoCert), Eucalyptus globulus (ecoCert)



This product is presented in a sturdy clear flint glass jar with a white plastic lid that is perfect for reuse in your home.

Remove the easy peel label from the jar, wash out any contents still remaining in the jar and place in the recycle bin. 

Separate the liner from the cap and place both in the recycle bin.



We recommend with all products and packaging to

- REDUCE the amount you use,

- REUSE what you can, and only then, make sure you


Make sure you buy only the products you need, in smaller quantities, and use them completely.

Verify the expire date every few months and discard the expired products.

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