Infant & Child Reflexology

I am frequently asked if  I also provide Reflexology for Infants and Children, and my answer is always an emphatic I DO!

In fact, I have specialised Postnatal Reflexology for Baby training out of the UK with Susanne Enzer’s Maternity Reflexology Training. Susanne Enzer was a dedicated Midwife AND Reflexology Therapist who believed Reflexology was an effective tool for helping her clients, and she created some advanced protocols for dealing with common conditions baby might experience once it’s reached this wonderful world. Susanne has retired, but I had the distinct pleasure of taking the training with Jenni Tribe, another dedicated Midwife AND Reflexology Therapist.

Each Infant Reflexology session usually ends with me teaching you how to help your own baby from home so baby (and you) finds relief faster.

Postnatal Reflexology for Baby:
Gastro_Esophagael Reflux
Unsettled/Crying and with Pain causing Headaches
Crying, Emotional Distress, Angry Babies
Irritable & Highly Strung Babies
Poor Feeder, Sleepy Baby