A N X I E T Y : worry, concern, apprehension, apprehensiveness, uneasiness, unease, fearfulness, fear, disquiet, disquietude, inquietude, perturbation, agitation, angst, misgiving, nervousness, nerves, tension, tenseness, heebie-jeebies, butterflies (in one’s stomach), jitteriness, the jitters, twitchiness

Though the info graphic makes a good start on defining ANXIETY, it still doesn’t pain the whole picture. People living with anxiety disorder deal daily with the symptoms above plus many many more.

And ANXIETY is proven to be a MAJOR HORMONE DISRUPTOR for both male and female so the symptom list goes on…

How to manage your ANXIETY naturally: (try to do these things on a good day, we know how hard doing anything on a bad day can be)

♥ visit a natural therapy practitioner like a REFLEXOLOGIST to have your Central Nervous System sedated and rebalanced

♥ talk to a Herbalist or Naturopathic Doctor and see if Ashwaganda and Motherwort might be good additions to your daily regime. Other herbal anxiety medications include Reishi … you can see both and buy these products at @goodnnatural and @hollow_reed_hollistic

♥ try to get out for a daily walk or bike ride or yoga

♥ try meditation or mindfulness when you begin to notice your warning signs of impending episode, to reset and hopefully manage severity

♥ Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night

This list barely scrapes the surface, if you have more coping mechanisms to share, please post them in comments below!

N O T E :  some people NEED prescription medication to manage ANXIETY.. and that is MORE THAN OK! You do you, boo! Just know that those medications are more than likely really messing with your Fertility

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