Women’s Health

For many years, and today still in many cases, women are being treated with what is commonly referred to as “bikini medicine”. The premise is that women are exactly the same as their male counterparts, except for the parts that get covered up by a bikini!

With special training in Reflexology for Women’s Health, Reflexology allows us to look at the woman as a separate entity.

Women’s Health Reflexology allows us to deal with the changes that girls and women go through during every stage of life, from menarch to the fertile years to peri-menopause and beyond menopause. Teaching and encouraging the body to regulate it’s hormone production to come into a space of homeostasis (or balance). Opening once again the channels of communication between the brain and various organs and systems that may have been disrupted by any number of causes.

Women’s Health Reflexology allows us to deal with the areas in which a woman carries stress, which differ greatly from her male counterpart, and how those stresses affect her body.

Women’s Health Reflexology allows us to address how the stress affects a woman’s hormones, and vise versa, and how all of it is affected by her gut health.

Women’s Health Reflexology also allows us to assist in instances of Secondary Lymphedema (usually the result of damage to Lymph system or removal of Lymph Nodes due to trauma, surgery, radiation or infection). Primary (Heriditary) Lymphedema may also be relieved through Reflexology for Lymph Drainage, although there have not been many studies dedicated to this therapy in this application.