Woman Owned • Hand Made in Manitoba • All Natural Ingredients

Woman Owned / All Natural / Made by Hand in Manitoba

Woman Owned, Cruelty Free, All Natural, Hand Made in Manitoba

The girls were down with a fever last night, the oldest one had a fever. I was asked "can you put mag'zium on my back so it doesn't hurt"

I used the Magnesium Lotion on my painful sciatica last night. First night I slept in weeks almost pain free

I use the lotion before bed on my bad knee but also put it on my other knee, chest + stomach. I have noticed my sleep is better + not waking up as frequent with pain.

I'm loving the lotion! I use it on everything: sleep, muscle pains from working out, lower back pain + menstrual cramps, just plain relaxing from stress and anxiety of having two toddlers.

I'll probably buy all the other scents now. I'm a nurse so anxiety / stress / body aches aren't uncommon unfortunately.

I tried oral magnesium and it was more of a laxative than anything, this lotion seems to be much better.

After Barre class my legs are sore. Applied some of this ✨magic✨ lotion and my legs are about 80% better!

I've had horrible wrist pain for the last 10 years from an accident when I was working on a farm. Doing pottery was always painful.

But a few days after using your lotion I started to notice gradual improvement and now I'm working pain free!! WTF

It helps my restless legs tremendously! I've been using my patchouli lotion for about a month now and I'm so in love! It smells like heaven!

I have fibromyalgia. So far your magnesium lotion has been the most effective thing I have ever used to manage my pain! Thank you!

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Made with the freshest and cleanest products available , Studio On 27 Inc products are formulated in small batches, with eco friendly and when possible, organic ingredients. 

Always cruelty free and made with love. Woman Owned