Reflex-ology is the natural healing art of applying strategic pressure to reflexes located in your feet, hands, ears (etc). These reflexes are related to cells, organs, and systems in your body, and by applying pressure to these reflexes, your body is able to open up lines of communication between your brain and these cells, organs, systems; improve energy flow (Qi, Chi, Prana); and bring your whole system back into balance and wellness – naturally.

Reflexology is most commonly performed on the feet, hands, and ears, but Reflex points can be found and worked over the whole body.

There are two main schools of Reflexology; the traditional Chinese method of Reflex-ology which is invigorating – sometimes to the point of discomfort and pain, and the Eunice Ingham method which is more subtle yet cathartic in its’ application. Both schools are highly effective and have loyal champions. Studio On 27 subscribes more towards the Eunice Ingham school of application.

Reflexology is used in some cases as preventative, to maintain good health and balance.

Reflexology is used in some cases to reduce side effects or symptoms of disease and dysfunction that needs to be managed by medical protocols and medications.

Reflexology is sometimes used to treat acute pain or symptoms.

Reflexology is sometimes used to help promote Fertility or support in Maternity. Reflexology is also very effective in helping support the systems through Menarche, Peri Menopause and Post Menopause and to resolve symptoms and syndromes of menstruation.

Reflexology is safe for anyone at any age and any time. Reflexology sessions may be shorter or more gentle for the very young, the aged, those with inflammatory conditions such as Fibro Myalgia, or anyone who is undergoing Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, or any other similar therapy.