Our Story

Thanks for stopping by, my name is Gloria Laing and I'm a Reflexology Therapist who specializes in Fertility, Maternity and Women's Health Reflexology. 

I'm also a Fertility Coach, a Reproductive Health Advocate, a Birth Doula and a budding Herbalist.

In my Reflexology Studio, I kept noticing Magnesium Deficiency come up as a theme for all my clients, not just the ones who were trying to conceive or pregnant, but in every age group and in every health category. 

I can't recall how many times I wrote down the recommendation of "daily magnesium" on my little homework sheet I created for clients at their appointments. The only issue is, your body's absorption rate of oral supplements is only as good as your gut health.

This led me to create a Transdermal Magnesium lotion to gift my clients as a Christmas Gift in 2019. Transdermal means applied topically on the skin like an oil or a lotion.

I really wanted to give them something made with my own hands and that I knew would benefit every one of my clients, and with an absorption rate of 26 seconds into the blood stream, I knew they were going to see some real improvements in their daily lives and situations.

Well, my clients LOVED it and quickly asked me to create a saleable product that they could buy more of and send their friends and family to go buy. That's how Studio On 27 "Naturals" began!

A good intention turned into a product that became an instant hit with everyone who got it. And now that we've started we might as well keep going...